Texas raised, Colorado Grown!

I bring 20 years of experience to the table and it has definitely been an enlightening and amazing trip for me, it’s really been the path to my true passion and doing what I was born to do.

Some highlights of my skills include web development, mobile-first responsive design, email marketing strategy, information architecture, graphic design, process development, user testing and proficiency in multiple coding languages.

I have found that being able to work in many capacities is a vital resource to any project. I’m constantly watching for “the next big thing” in technology and design. And I’m not afraid to push against the edges in the quest to find the most innovative and exciting approach. I like to think it’s this willingness to take risks for the greater good of the project that makes me a valuable player on any team — and a major asset to clients.

From analytic research to campaign development, being able to adapt quickly and without hesitation, keeps me on top of my game and allows me to provide an end product that customers will love.