The Landing Page

To help increase awareness and sales, this campaign was used to educate customers and provide insight on the coverage options and pricing. By bringing in a lighthearted tone, and playing down the fact that the product is based on unfortunate events, it allowed the customers to take in the messaging without feeling a negative emotional response. It was an instant success with the client and their customers!

  • Video Design and Production
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Web Development (HTML 5, Bootstrap 4, CSS, JS)
  • Responsive Email Design, Development and Deployment

The Video

One of the main elements to this campaign was the video. Using a story-telling format along with a proven video method, the whiteboard, it allowed us to use fun figures and doodles to tell a story. By combining up-beat music with these playful elements, we were able to engage customers with strong messaging and ending with positive emotion.

Watch Now

[Everyone] liked the way that you explained a product that is based on something bad happening to you to use it, which was exactly the response we were hoping for as I believe it makes the topic more approachable for cardholders.

Tim McGillVP Consumer Marketing, Synchrony