The Landing Page

To promote a new payment feature, which is complex in setup but easy to use, I came at this with a how-to approach followed by a strong benefit overview. The landing page was a great portal for user tracking as well as helping the user answer all their questions about setup.

  • Video Design and Production
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Web Development (HTML 5, Bootstrap 4, CSS, JS)

This campaign was named a 2018 Gold Winner in their international creative-excellence competition.

  • Over 20% of their customers enabled the feature within 3 months of launch
  • The average time on page was 3:58 minutes — annihilating the anticipated 1:40 minutes

The Video

Since we needed to grab the users attention, we began the video by pointing out how this new feature would benefit the customers life. For the setup, we showed the overall steps to enable the feature in an easy-to-follow demonstration. We wanted to finish strong and tie back to the importance of the customers time through imagery that showed everyday life and the moments you can capture with more time.

Watch Now

The grapevine is humming this morning, and it appears that [the CMO] LOVES everything we are doing.” The CMO herself later added, during a large staff meeting, “This is how an integrated campaign should work.

Note from ClientDay of launch