• Take an existing paper business process and digitize it
  • Work with stakeholders to ensure the information needed to process pre-approval is collected
  • Organize the collected information into an intuitive flow
  • Automate the credit authorization process
  • Create a mobile-first experience for immediate use
    • Kept mobile usage in mind as target for primary device scenario

User Research

  • Met with the stakeholders receiving the information
    • Ensure the minimal data points to collect
    • Collaborated to organize in an easy-to-use flow
    • Understand business needs and average customer
  • Using wireframes, I conducted a coffee shop user testing session to get immediate user feedback
    • Adjusted experience based off feedback received
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Wireframe Iterations

  • After the initial round of coffee shop testing, adjustments were made based off the feedback
  • Business also had adjustments to their needs so those adjustments were made too
  • The team received the green light to request credit authorization
  • I incorporated the ability to add a secondary applicant
  • Based on additional user sessions, I made the progress indicator sticky and moved some fields to make them more intuitive
  • The business requested additional changes during this iteration, so these changes were made
  • Integrated new business requirements of an invitation system
    • To roll out the pre-approval in a more controlled manner
  • Moved the progress indicator to the top of the page and began adding in UI elements