Customer Communications Group

CCG needed a complete overhaul of their online presence. This project required the restructuring of all their content and combining multiple websites into one multi-faceted resource for the financial lending and retail loyalty marketing industries.

Launch Website
Analytics Research - Information Architecture - Interaction Design - Interface Design - Web Application Development - WordPress Development

Flame Stop

As a leader in the Fire Retardant Industry, their website needed to be bold and make it easy for users to find the correct product. In comes the product selector, a step-by-step interface guiding the user to the correct protection product through visual cues.

Launch Website

This file contains a sample of the selector user-flow, proposed e-commerce wireframes and user experience elements.

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User Research - Information Architecture - Interaction Design - Wireframing - Interactive Prototyping - Visual Design

Graham Builders

When Google changed their search algorithm to favor mobile-ready websites, Graham Builders reached out for help. This project entailed updating the portfolio to include more recent work, color correcting all the images and a completely new look and structure for their website. This included the requirement of making it simple for them to maintain and update in-house.

Launch Website
Information Architecture - Interface Design - Visual Design - Photography Color Correction - WordPress Development

BioGenetic Laboratories

This young company had no online store-front. They relied solely on social media to provide information about their products. With product scalability and user-centered design, this prototype brings innovation to the world of supplements!

Launch Prototype

These wireframes and product path were used to build the prototype and template pages for the e-Commerce path.

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User Research - Information Architecture - Interaction Design - Wireframing - Interactive Prototyping - Visual Design - Front-End Development

Phoenix Advantage Charter Schools

This education company needed to be separated from an existing WordPress multi-site with a shared theme. After porting over all the content, we decided to give the layout and some of the imagery an update.

Launch Website
Information Architecture - Interaction Design - Visual Design - WordPress Development

The Original

This client provided a pamphlet they had created for their re-branding launch of a B2B channel. It was used to drive multiple online campaigns to track conversions and direct travel agents to the online booking portal and webinars.

Launch Landing Page
Interface Design - Interaction Design - Front-End Development - Video Production

CareCredit Sweepstakes - Spring 2016

For their cardholders, CareCredit runs a couple sweepstakes per year. This microsite was designed to match all the collateral and used to drive traffic from banners, emails and direct mailers allowing customers to enter for a chance to win!

Launch Microsite
Interaction Design - Interactive Prototyping - Visual Design - Front-End Development - Responsive Email Development