• Easy to use, needed to be intuitive in nature
  • Replacing existing application, need feature parity
  • Give user ability to send reset password email
  • Provide the user with any errors on applications that are in progress
  • Allow user to change the status of the account
  • Needs to be available via Azure AD login

Initial User Research

  • Met with the users and asked basic questions
    • Any ways to increase efficiency
    • Any desired features
    • Tasks you do more often than others
  • Drew up initial wireframes with the users on whiteboard
  • Researched other administration utilities for existing tested patterns

The Wireframe

Based off the requirements and research, I created an initial clickable wireframe and presented it to the users and stakeholders. Based off the feedback, I made some small adjustments and presented it again.

View Wireframe

Interface Design

Once I had the prototype approved by both the users and stakeholders, I began the logo and interface design, resulting in a fun and easy-to-use web application allowing the users to maintain accounts for our customers.

View Interface