The next revolution

in digital design!

I’m a senior-level digital designer with over 20 years of experience in creating and producing intuitive online and multimedia experiences. I can confidently lead cross disciplinary teams through diverse challenges to find beautiful, user-centered solutions. I approach each project with the focus of helping others embrace design by way of innovative, engaging and stunning experiences that clients and customers love.

Let’s get to work.

These are my creative solutions for clients. My approach to each projects begins with the why behind the how, allowing me to understand the end-user’s perspective on design and process issues. Working along side other designers and copy writers, we created these projects.

Award Winning Digital Designer

I have over 20 years of experience in the digital industry and it has definitely been an enlightening and amazing trip for me. It’s led me down the path to my true passion and doing what I love to do. Through this journey, I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate on many teams and roles which allowed me to learn multiple aspects of the digital industry.

Some highlights of my skills include web design, interactive design, user interface design, mobile-first responsive design, email marketing strategy, information architecture and process development with proficiency’s in multiple coding languages. I am great at public speaking and conducting stakeholder presentations and meetings. Clients love me!

I’m not afraid to push myself creatively in the quest to find the most innovative and exciting approach to complex design and experience issues. It’s this willingness to take calculated design risks for the greater good of a project that makes me a valuable player on any team — and a major asset to clients.


While specializing in interaction and interface design, I also provide solutions for multiple types of design and user issues. I leverage my passion for the digital design space, technical solutions, attention to detail, interpersonal skills and creative acumen to deliver exceptional client projects that customers love.


I have developed many websites  utilizing Bootstrap 3/4 along with JavaScript and jQuery as well as CMS’s such as WordPress and more. The ability to develop my own projects has given me the advantage in pushing the limits of my digital designs and has been a quintessential part of my success.

Innovation Specialist

Understanding the mind-set behind an intuitive user process has allowed me to recognize existing obstacles, break complex issues down into simpler pieces and use my curiosity and passion for detail to help build stream-lined processes.  I love to solve a good problem!